Parish in Diocese of Rockville Centre Launches Mobile-friendly Website

Making the Parish instantly relevant in the world of mobile Catholicism


POINT LOOKOUT, NY., July 21, 2014... The Parish of Our Lady of Miraculous Medal Church (OLMMC), in the Diocese of Rockville Centre, has upgraded its old parish website in favor of a mobile-friendly new website from ParishWorld.

It is an undisputed fact today that our society has evolved in the the way it views internet content from desktop viewing to mobile phones. Smart phones are now commonly found in everyday people's hands. Parishes that don't act pro-actively to this reality will see a rapid decline in their already meager online audiences, eventually rendering their existing parish websites out of touch.

The new website adapted by OLMMC more effectively allows them to share up-to-date information about events happening at the parish, in the local church community, and around the world as it affects our Church and our faith. Most importantly, they can now easily reach their congregations through mobile phones and in real time.

And Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Church is not alone. A large number of parishes around the country have decided to discontinue their outdated, rarely-visited parish websites in favor of ParishWorld’s customized website and accompanying parish mobile app. 

“It gives us instant credibility as a legitimate source for up-to-the-minute information on our parish and our Church globally,” says Deacon Nick Sholz from the Archdiocese of Washington. “The website is easy to update - you don’t need to be a web guru and know all sorts of coding. Plus, I like the fact that when the website is updated, so too is the phone App,” Deacon Nick added.

“More and more pastors are realizing that they are losing touch with their parishioners because their Parish websites are not providing the same kind of inspirational content that mobile Catholics are looking for and finding elsewhere in their quest for spiritual support while moving about in today’s secular world,” said Wally Arida, publisher of ParishWorld, the California-based developer of the new App and website. "Most parishes are so under-staffed and over-worked that they simply are not equipped with the required talent and resources to make this tedious task happen on a daily and continuing basis," Wally Arida adds. 

ParishWorld addresses this concern by providing each unique Parish App with a non-stop stream of feeds from hundreds of online sources that cover a wide range of Catholic news and features. The Parish Website and App thus becomes a very attractive online Catholic magazine. And because it constantly updates itself with a non-stop stream of fresh Catholic content, Parish readers will flock to it and be inspired daily. 

“With our App, Parish staff can now evangelize on a scale and in a manner that appeals to both the mobile Catholic and to the local penitent,” Arida said. “And, most important of all, the App becomes one’s portable reminder of our calling as Catholics to evangelize the Gospel every day as living examples of God's Word.”

Parishes can download a free copy of their own basic App service and start using it today. For those that wish to populate and continually update their parish App with their own articles and information, a subscription to ParishWorld’s content management system (CMS) is also available for a very small monthly fee.

ParishWorld For Catholics Mobile App is available for download from Apple’s iTunes App Store and Google Play. The App is now available to any Catholic parish around the world that is ready to go mobile.

For more information call (951) 205-3346. Or visit: http://mobile.parishworld.net 

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