The Goal? Build Dynamic Catholics.

The goal of any website or mobile app parish project should be to mirror the true objective of your Parish and that of our universal Catholic Church: "To bring the Gospel to all the corners of the world." It is our Christian mandate to bring people closer to God every chance we get. As Pastor and Parish administrators, we encourage you to keep that in mind as you begin immersing yourself into your new website and mobile app from ParishWorld.

As you work on your parish website and app, we encourage you to focus always on the concept of what Dynamic Catholics are. Think Prayer. Think Study. Think Giving. Think Evangelization.

It is important that your web presence incorporates sections on the administrative functions of the parish -- address, schedules, events, departments, etc. But it is critical to remember that these sections are just mere tools we do in the parish to achieve your true mission of building Dynamic Catholics.

Use your web presence to promote daily prayer among parishioners. Use it to encourage study of our faith. If your parish is strong in Prayer and Study, the rest will take care of itself. Giving and Evangelization will be automatic by-products. Build Dynamic Catholics among your parish members and re-generate your parish.

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