It's a Mobile World: 2 Billion Mobile Phones Worldwide

Mobile Phones are here to stay. 2 billion mobile phones are in use today. Check out this interesting article from Yahoo News, dated Sept. 14, 2014. Here are some snippets:

"By the end of the decade, there will be 9 billion mobile connections across the globe. And while 3 billion will be data terminals, dongles, routers and feature phones, the other two thirds will be smartphone handsets, according to the GSMA.

"In the hands of consumers, these devices are improving living standards and changing lives, especially in developing markets, while contributing to growing economies by stimulating entrepreneurship. As the industry evolves, smartphones are becoming lifestyle hubs that are creating opportunities for mobile industry players in vertical markets such as financial services, healthcare, home automation and transport," said Hyunmi Yang, Chief Strategy Officer at the GSMA.
"As the study released today shows, smartphones will be the driving force of mobile industry growth over the next six years, with one billion new smartphone connections expected over the next 18 months alone," said Yang.


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