Promote Your Parish App Perpetually

Building up your Mobile App readership and App downloads is a never-ending activity. It is a perpetual task. The more it is downloaded by parishioners, the more Dynamic Catholics you can build in your Parish.

In the same manner that you never stop reminding your parishioners to read the printed Sunday bulletin, it is also very important that you never stop announcing and promoting your Parish Mobile App.

And there are two ways you need to do this:

1. Make sure you run the ad pictured above in your bulletin every week, permanently, perpetually. It must always be in every issue of your Sunday bulletin from now on.

2. Read the announcement printed below in your pulpit announcements every Sunday. This has to be a permanent message in every Mass  from now on

Here's the pulpit announcement you should use every Sunday from here on.


(Parish Name Here) has launched an exciting new Mobile App for your mobile devices. And it's Free. Our new app comes pre-loaded with thousands of exciting Catholic articles from some of the most well-known Catholic theologians, writers and websites.

Our parish information, including Mass Schedules, events, announcements and more can be found in our new parish Mobile App. It also features a worldwide Catholic church finder. Locate any parish when you travel and get their Mass Schedules.

Those among you with mobile phones can go to your phones' app stores and search for ParishWorld.

Please download the App today and choose our parish by our zip code (Parish Zip Code Here).

Then share it with all your family and friends. With this new and exciting mobile technology, let us all “work together as the Body of Christ to change the world.”


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