Download Your New Version of the ParishWorld App

Effective April 1, 2015, a new and more robust version of ParishWorld App was released to the public.

Users who downloaded the App prior to April 1 will not be enjoying the many exciting new features that have been added. They also will not be receiving Push Notification text messages from your Parish office. And we know how important this specific feature is for your Parish Communication efforts. Click here for related article on your Parish Text Messaging services..

Everyone who downloaded the App previous to April 1, 2015 must download the new version from the respective App stores. But how do Parishes inform them that they need to do this?

Fortunately, we have a simple solution. Simply use the built-in Email System in the ParishWorld Content Management System (CMS). Everyone who has downloaded the Parish App is on your CMS Email list. So just send them a blanket email.

And to make things even simpler, we have drafted the recommended email below for your use. Send one now. And then send a follow-up email in a week. And another on the third week.


God's grace and blessings from our Parish Office. And thank you for joining our Parish email list.

We share the exciting news that we now have a Parish Mobile App. We ask that every member of your family that has a Mobile phone or tablet to please download our Parish App from your Mobile phone's respective App stores. TOur Parish Mobile App is Free. And it is the primary way we plan to communicate with you.

From your App Store, search for the App Name: ParishWorld and download. After the download is complete, please "Allow" the App to use your current location. It will then locate our Parish. 

If you have already downloaded our Parish App, please be advised that on April 1, 2015, we have released an important update to our Parish App. The new version comes with many new features that we know you will enjoy:

-- It is now Free and Unlimited.
-- All users on the previously limited FREE version will now get unlimited content.
-- It is faster and more robust.
-- Swiping from one screen to another is now smooth and fast.
-- Navigation is greatly improved with well positioned Back arrows and Refresh keys.
-- The stream of articles have been expanded even more to include many additional sources.
-- The registration process has been greatly simplified. 
-- Most importantly, you can now receive timely and important text notifications from our Parish about our events and spiritual endeavors.
-- And much more.

So, please download your new and improved Parish App today. For iOS devices, please go to your App Store. And for Android devices, please go to your Google Play Store.

Evangelization is our mission as Catholics. And our Parish App is a great tool to help everyone become Dynamic Catholics. Please ask every member of your family to also download our App. Ask everyone you know, even those who don't belong to our Parish, to also download our Parish App.

Learn our Faith. Live our Faith. Share our Faith.  Download our Parish App today. 

Thank you and may God bless your family.

Parish Office


copyright 2015 ParishWorld Inc.

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