Parish Website Vs. Parish App

Every parish has a website -- well at least 95% of those located in the U.S. And at some point in time, a pastor decided it was a good idea to build a website for his parish. So they did. And that's exactly how most parish website problems start. We're hoping this short article helps place things into perspective.

The Library Analogy

Building a Parish website is like publishing a book that you then deposit in a public library. You wait for people to come, to look for it and to hopefully read it. But when was the last time you've been to the library? With thousands of books in the shelves, how will they find you? Or will they even step foot inside the library? If they do find it, what compelling reasons does it offer for users to keep reading? Tough, huh?

That in essence is what happens when you build an ordinary Parish website. First you rely on people's initiative to look it up on the internet. You are at their mercy. You wait and yet they never come. Oh they probably will come -- once. And then they don't come back again because there is no compelling reason to do so.

You Take Charge

Your Parish Premium App from ParishWorld is pro-active. Instead of passive waiting, you actually take control. With our App service, you can send out text messages from your App to potentially every mobile phone in your congregation. Instead of waiting for people to hopefully visit your website, your App can text your congregation with your message, when you want and as frequent as you need to. And you reach them on the devices they hold in their hands. They receive your message instantaneously.

Push Notification Is The Game Changer

This powerful feature -- TEXT MESSAGING -- is just one of the many important tools at your disposal if your Parish is subscribed to our Parish Premium App service. But it is definitely the single most effective communication tool that technology has ever made available for your Parish. It is the big game changer.

How Effective Is It? How About 99% Effective!

Consider the following:
-- 74% of everyone on the U.S. now own and Android or iPhone.
-- 81% use it to send or receive text.
-- 67% check their phones for messages even when it is not ringing.

And a whopping 99% of mobile phone owners open their text messages when they come in!

This is the real world we live in. If you do not have our Premium App service, you are missing out on this single most powerful instrument to build spirituality and stewardship in your Parish.

Here's what one pastor told us recently: "Since I started using Push Notification in my Parish, our weekly collection increased by $600 to $700 each week."

It is truly amazing how this can make a significant impact in Parish dynamics. Push Notification is included in our Parish Premium App service. Start using it today.

ParishWorld Can Help

Check out our website on how we help Catholic Parishes make the vital transition from ineffective passive websites to dynamic pro-active Parish Websites and Apps. Go to our website: Or call us at (818) 446-6793 for a free online demo.

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