ParishWorld Free App Vs. Premium App

To Catholics everywhere in the world, the ParishWorld App is always a Free download. It doesn't matter if your home Parish is a subscriber to our Parish App service or not. ParishWorld can always be downloaded Free by anyone from the Apple App Store or from Google Play.

But to Parishes and their respective pastors anywhere in the world, ParishWorld offers two App services that helps the pastor effectively develop stronger spirituality, deeper prayer lives and graceful stewardship among the people in his Parish.

Here are these two distinct Parish services we offer:
--ParishWorld Free, a basic service
--and ParishWorld Premium, our full packaged offering.

ParishWorld Free Service

Any Parish in the world can start using our ParishWorld Free App service. Right now. Free. Immediately.

It comes pre-loaded with thousands of Catholic articles from hundreds of the top Catholic minds and hearts in the US -- pastors, bishops, religious, theologians, writers, bloggers, etc. It also includes Daily Readings & Reflections, Catholic news and streams from the the Vatican, the USCCB and the local Diocese. Plus basic Parish information such as address, phones, website, Mass Times, GPS map & directions. This compilation of data and articles make it a fully functioning app that the Parish can start using immediately. And at no cost.

Parishes can begin offering this impressive collection of inspiring and informative Catholic content for sharing with their congregation. Parishioners simply download the free ParishWorld Mobile App from the Apple App Store or from Android's Google Play. And everything is set to go.

This basic App service is free to the Parish. And the App download is free to the Parishioners.

If you are a pastor and want to begin using the ParishWorld Free service, click here for more information.

ParishWorld Premium Service

For a small monthly service fee, Parishes can also subscribe to our premium service. This paid service allows the Parish to take complete control of the Parish App. It comes with a very powerful yet easy to use app editing system that allows the Parish staff to create and edit their own Parish articles for sharing with their congregation. Parishes can now add their own content, include pictures and videos, forms, etc. Create your own sections, Sacraments, Ministries, Staff directories, Calendar of Events, Blogs, Social Media integration, and more. Even Online Giving and live streaming of Masses and events. And much more.

Plus Push Notification

And, it includes Push Notification, the single most powerful tool a Parish can have to pro-actively contact its congregation via text messaging on their mobile phones. Check out this link for a more detailed description. This is the difference maker, the big deal.

There's so much other features packed in our premium service that we feel it's simpler if we just show it to you graphically. Click here.

Call us at (818)446-6793. And give your Parish a dynamic Parish website and App service that will be its online center for Prayer, Study, Giving and Evangelization.

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