Why Mobile Matters

It's a Mobile world. It's a Mobile world. It's a Mobile world. It's a Mobile world.

If you don't get that by now, simply look at your parish congregation? They all have mobile phones. It--is--a--mobile--world. There you go. How's that for emphasis.

The two pictures above of the same event were taken ten years apart  -- 2005 vs. 2015. The stark difference in the pictures tell the story. The world has gone Mobile. And this means your Parish website has just been rendered obsolete. (Check out this very important related story from Google regarding this.)

Taking Over The World

More people surf the internet using mobile devices than desktop computers. It is a dramatic shift in human behavior. Mobile now accounts for 60% of all media time spent online. This is staggering considering how much time we spend in front of our office PCs everyday. Mobile App use has overtaken PC web use in terms of total time online -- for all age groups. And the disparity shows no sign of lagging in the coming years.

In All Demographic Groups

Mobile now dominates internet use in virtually all demographic groups -- even among some quite unexpected ones. 74% of total US demographics now own an iPhone or an Android device. And 79% of all mobile phone owners said they use their phones within 15 minutes after waking up. I myself personally plead guilty as charged.

Youth. 48% of 18-34 year olds see their mobile device as their most important screen. Compare that number with the 17% who chose TV as their more important screen. The shift in dynamics is staggering. But there is more.

Seniors. They now use mobile devices more than they use computers. Seniors who were fearful of computers now walk around with mobile devices on their persons. Mobiles are more convenient for them to use. It is every accessible and better fitting to their lifestyles. They can use these devices while leisurely sitting on their couches. And they don't have to slouch over those fearful computer keyboards just to go online. These phones and tablets are simple to navigate and so much easier on their eyes. Quite simply, they're sold. They're solidly on the mobile bandwagon.

Busy Adults. Both men and women, active mothers specially, now manage the business of family life from their mobile devices. From messaging their children, to searching for recipes, to paying bills online, to reading books and listening to the latest news -- it is the mobile device they use. And these devices are literally glued to their hands.

Low Income Families. A mobile phone or tablet is a cheaper alternative to otherwise costly desktop computers. For many struggling families, their mobile devices will more than likely be their sole lifelines to the Internet. It is quite literally their life-saver.

These groups we list above are the core demographic groups that populate our Parish churches. If you would like to reach them, you have to go mobile. You simply can not rely on a traditional website anymore. You have to engage them on the very devices they hold in their hands throughout the day. Your Parish needs to go Mobile. Or you will wither.

You Need A Mobile App -- More Than Just A Website

To maximize your reach into the mobile devices of your congregation, a mobile-friendly website is not enough. You need a Mobile App. And there's a BIG difference. This related article explains the difference.

Put An End To The Waiting Game

A website waits for your congregation to come and view it. It means Passive Waiting -- patiently hoping they come. Our ParishWorld Mobile App puts you in control because you can directly reach them whenever you want. We put you in charge of the message, the when and the how often. ParishWorld allows you top do this through TEXT MESSAGING -- the most powerful communication tool ever made available to Parishes.

From Passive Waiting to Pro-active Outreach. That's the difference.

ParishWorld To The Rescue

We can help. Allow us to share information on how your Parish can make the jump to the Mobile world. Check out our website http://mobile.parishworld.net. Or call us at (818) 446-6793 for a free online demo.

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