Why Text Messaging is the Parish Game Changer

Imagine this. You're sitting at home watching TV on the couch. And your mobile phones gives out a very audible "Ding!" You look at it and there's a text message from your Parish priest. He's inviting you to join the Bible Study class scheduled for tomorrow night at the Parish conference room. You click the test message box. And now you are reading the actual Bible Study announcement which lists the Bible verse the group will be discussing tomorrow. And you say to yourself, "OK then, I'm going."

If you own a mobile phone -- whether it's an Android or an iPhone -- you probably have seen Push Notifications. You probably just didn't realize what it was at the time.

The Game Changer

Push Notification is The Big Deal. It is in our opinion the definitive Game Changer for Parish websites for three huge reasons. FIRST, because text messaging today has become the most popular and simplest way of communicating directly with Mobile Phones. SECOND, because people do not ignore incoming text messages -- its 99% view rate among users is unprecedented. And THIRD, it moves online Parish evangelization efforts from "Passive Waiting" to "Pro-active Outreach."

The Parish Website Conundrum

A few years back, every Pastor in the U.S. declared they needed a Parish website. They started building them simply because everybody else had one. Instinctively they built them like online brochures. Parishes used them like they would use catalogs. Pastors would excitedly shout out their new website URLs to everyone from the pulpit in the misled notion that simply having one is enough of a reason for the public to come flocking to the Parish website in droves.

If you're already using the ParishWorld website service, then you're in a good place. Your website comes with streaming Catholic content 24//7 in real time. There's a lot of stuff to read that will attract readers so you're just fine.

But if' you're not on the ParishWorld service, you've got your work cut out for you.Click here for a more detailed explanation why 99% of Parish websites fail.

Quite simply, you just had no pro-active way of reaching out. You wait and wait. And they never come.

From Passive Waiting to Pro-Active Outreach

It is this dreaded Waiting Game that is the Parish website killer. It is one of two big reasons Parish websites fail. The absence of Content as we mentioned earlier is the other. And you're not alone. Every single Parish in the U.S. has to deal with the very same waiting problem.

Until now.

Text Messaging from the ParishWorld Premium App fixes all of that. Now you are able to pro-actively reach your congregation directly via their mobile phones - via Text Messaging. You control the message, the frequency, the tone of the campaign. No more waiting.

Text Messaging Is The Parish Solution

Use Text Messaging to promote spirituality, send evangelization stories, share prayer intentions and Bible stories. Use it to share the Daily Readings. Promote participation. Invite your congregation to Parish events, bible study classes, town hall meetings, ministry meetings, etc.

If they have a mobile phone, you can reach them. And who doesn't have one these days? But they need to download the  latest ParishWorld mobile App from the Apple App Store or  Google Play Store.

Use Text Messaging to build Dynamic Catholics in your Parish. Promote Prayer, Study, Giving and Evangelization. And watch your Parish life and resources blossom. Check out this related article on Dynamic Catholics.

Online Giving and Text Messaging

And most importantly, take advantage of Mobile Online Giving. This article -- Why Online Giving Makes A Big Difference -- explains one of the most important benefits of Push Notification for your Parish. One pastor told us that his weekly collection increased by $600-$700 a week because of his Push Notification online giving efforts.

A 99% Open Rate

It is a Mobile world. 75% of the U.S. demographics now own an iPhone or an Android. People are tied to their mobile phones. No questions about that. They send and receive text messages throughout the day. And when your Push Notifications come in, they will open it -- 99% of the time.

It's a No-Brainer. Text Messaging works. And you can start using it today. Really.

But You Must Have The Latest Download

Push Notification however only works if you and your Parish members have downloaded the latest version of the ParishWorld App. It's always free download. If you are not sure of you have the latest version, please do it now. Simply go to your device's App Store and download it. This article explains it.

Call us at (818) 446-6793 for a free online demo. Or check out our website for more information

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